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Mt Pleasant Primary Production - SG & LC Gore
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Well-Traveled Bull

Emu Creek OMEARA was bred by Andrews & Britten from the mating of E & H Clare bred bull and cow Nehlerien TURBULENCE & Nehlerien OMEGA.  Sold as a yearling to S & L Gore. All breeders are in Queensland, Australia.

Simon & Lee Gore used OMEARA for 2 years and then sold him to Arnold & Linda Janssen in Western Australia in April 2012.

It took an entire week for OMEARA to reach his destination travelling across the Nullabor Plain in southern Australia.

Huge distance travelling at least 4,000kms (straight line “as the crow flys “as we say here in Australia ) Much more one would think by road.

South in one truck for 2  ½ hrs  Sunday; then another  south for 4 hrs Sunday; rest for Monday Tuesday;  travelled  south  Wednesday to Sydney for  4-5 hrs  to meet truck carrying Sydney Royal Easter bulls; travelled Wednesday, Thursday south–west from Sydney to South Australian border ?? hrs; continued  west across the Nullabor Plain to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia on Friday, Saturday Sunday ??hrs; bull arrived safe and well near Perth, capital Western Australia on the Sunday night ?? hrs!

OMEARA, a 4 year old, is a very compact bull with very good muscling, excellent dark skin and full black points. On rainy days in spring and summer he looks a steel grey colour.  He has a smart tidy head and shoulders and a full [60] chromosome count by inheritance and DNA parent verification. Andrews and Britten had his sire and dam karyotyped by Dr Graham Webb at the Adelaide University and DNA proves OMEARA to be a son.

Simon and Lee Gore have varying grades of heifers and AP & A Grade bulls by OMEARA. The [60] chromosome bulls are highly sought.  Wanting to give Arnold and Linda Janssen an opportunity to have a [60] chromosomed bull and having a son by OMEARA ( Eltham Vale BRANDO ) to carry on the genetics, they sold OMEARA who now resides at the Janssens and has settled in well doing what a bull’s gotta do.

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